When Northwest natives Catherine Harris-White (left) and Stasia Irons (right) set out on their first tour as THEESatisfaction, they dubbed the trip the Black Weirdo Tour. It’s an apt tag for the mash-up of geek-world techno, throwback pop culture, and insider/outsider codes that color their live stage presence and the bass-heavy, indie rap flow on records like Awe Naturale (Sub Pop).

Cat: I’m going through a dress phase right now; this one is from Prairie Underground. I look to icons like Ella Fitzgerald, but I mix it up with ’80s Afro-centric funk. Stas: I like classic button-ups and crazy socks, usually with something from my collection of high-top Jordans.  

Cut Culture
Cat: We’re both doing laid-back low-top fades, but we do prefer the energy of our full ’fros when we’re touring. Tabitha Rowe cuts our hair when we’re here in Seattle; it’s our most important accessory.

Fly International
Stas: I always try to hit this vintage shop in Sheffield, near Liverpool, called Cow. Last time the owners had to kick us out because we were there for so long. Cat: I have a horse bone necklace I got in Portugal. We’re both obsessed with looking for hats: beanies; fitted, snap-back, and afro-inspired caps. 

Beam Me Up
Stas: We’re becoming our parents in terms of style influences. We like old-school TV shows like Living Single and Good Times. Cat: And Star Trek. Stas: When we watch them, we’re always wondering where the wardrobe pieces are now. Whose closet did they end up in? We want to find them!

On the Mic
Cat: We’re playing March 22 at Neumos; we go for theatrics and opt for extras just like the greats—David Bowie, Prince, and Salt-n-Pepa. If you’re coming to the show, you should wear something that you can get down in. No heels please.

Published: March 2013