Image: Blackbird

WHERE: Blackbird in Ballard

WHAT: Yet another Seattle store is looking to recycle your clothes. Coming on the heels of H&M's Global Recycling Program and the future opening of Green Eileen, Blackbird in Ballard really wants some of your used duds.

Specifically, your used raw denim.

Regardless of wear, bring a pair (or two, or three) of jeans into the store where Blackbird's denim head of staff will look them over to determine if they'll work for the shop's super secret new project. They are looking for specific jeans, so not every pair will be accepted, but you're in pretty good shape if you're jeans are raw.

In exchange for your pants, Blackbird will give you a store gift card worth $40 per pair.

WHEN: Stop by the drive on Sunday, February 17 between 11 and 2.

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