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Shop It: Sustaluxe Pop-Up

Looking for something sleek and sexy for Valentines Day—or any other day? Looking for a vintage source in general? Head to Clementine in West Seattle.

By Laura Cassidy January 21, 2013

Personal endorsement time: I'm a good vintage shopper. I love mixing past decades with designer pieces, and feel totally confident about finding remarkable things and wearing them in classic and inventive ways. It's not a skill I'll ever make a lot of money with (why can't I be good at coding or something?), but I enjoy it. Recently, however, I found myself in need of something specific and special: I needed a 60s look, and I pictured a simple, straight sheath dress or mini, and I really wanted it to be black and white. 

I was basically in a haystack, in need of a needle. And my schedule was loaded.

No problem. I got in touch with Dana Guyton from Sustalux, and something like 36 hours later, I had the perfect look for not very much money. Talk about skills. Once she counts you among her clients, there really isn't much she won't do for you, or find for you.

Sustalux's Valentine's Day vintage/modern vibe; hat $14, top $54.

Image: Sustalux

To get to know Guyton and indulge in her collection of era-bouncing finery, we suggest stopping by her Valentine's Day-angled pop-up shop at Clementine Shoes.

We're told that the slinky dresses, sexy tops, alluring accessories (like the hat shown here) and all manner of date-night attire will be offered during regular business hours on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3. 

To be certain you'll catch Guyton, aim for arriving between 1 and 2 each day when she'll be giving scarf-tying demos.

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