Fragrance Event at Essenza

Still searching for your signature scent? Leave it to expert perfumer Yosh Han who will scan your chakras to find you a personalized perfume.

By Amanda Zurita January 29, 2013

WHERE: Essenza

WHAT: Still trying to find your signature scent? Are you a citrus-noted floral or a woodsy vanilla spice? Asian pear, creamy sandalwood, warm coconut—with the countless adjectives and aromas, perhaps it's best to bring in an expert.

Fremont's Parisian beauty boutique hosts Yosh Han, a 20-year perfume professional who looks deep (like third-eye deep) to find the best fragrance combination for you. The self-proclaimed aromachologist determines your individual bouquet by scanning your aura and chakras during a brief spiritual reading. Based on your energy, she then suggests an Essenza fragrance best suited to your personality.

WHEN: Find out what your aura smells like on Saturday, February 9 from 1 to 6. Contact the shop for an appointment.

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