What to Wear, Holiday Edition

Style Counsel: Tiffany Wendel

Seattle’s most stylishly upbeat personal shopper, blogger, and wardrobe consultant talks black-tie, sparkle, and rain coats.

By Laura Cassidy December 13, 2012


 Into every life a little wardrobe ennui must fall—although you never get the feeling that Tiffany Wendel is anything but totally inspired. The West Seattle (by way of Woodinville and Los Angeles) personal shopper, closet guru, outfit blogger, and mom always has a look that pretty much sings; textural and tonal, slouchy yet streamlined, rooted yet a little bit wild—and shoes that, well, take the look and run with it. It’s no wonder private clients from the East Coast to the West have her on speed dial.

My Nikes needed a little something extra, so I went into my daughter’s closet and borrowed these metallic laces from J. Crew’s Crewcuts line for kids. The zipper-ankle leather jeans are by Current/Elliott, the sequin jacket is by Iro.  

Party Dressing
I think cocktail attire is another way of saying “get creative.” Go deep into your closet and pull out some textiles and colors. I don’t think it means “go buy something new”; that’s how you wind up with three women in the same dress at one party. 

In and Outerwear 
I keep a pair of black Converse in my car because I can wear them with everything, so if I get caught in the rain in nice shoes, I’m good. I love the bold colors and patterns of the statement coats this season. And everyone in Seattle needs a stylish rain jacket, but it has to be big enough to go over your entire outfit. I wear my Burberry trench over a little leather jacket when I go out, and then take it off when I’m at my destination.  

Think Small
I love watching my six-and-a-half-year-old twins get dressed because with them, there is no second-guessing it. They put their clothes on in the morning and they feel good about them all day long. We can all learn from that: Go with your mood, go with your gut, and then own it. 

Nature vs. Nurture
What people need help with is defining their style. Once you say to someone, “This is your gig, roll with it,” they can start to have fun because they know what works for their body and how to shop for it. They have a road map.  

Dream Shopping Date
Ralph Lauren, Lauren Hutton, and Coco Chanel.



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