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Let's Talk about Screen Style

You're invited to partake in a panel discussion about style, cinema, Saturday afternoon movies, Thursday night outfits, and more on December 8 at the Northwest Film Forum.

By Laura Cassidy December 4, 2012

People in Seattle love to talk about style—what it is, how to get it, and whether or not Seattle has any of it.

Have you noticed this?

Statement: One may be stylish in military-issued pants and a bare chest. Discuss. (Still from Beau Travail, one of the Screen Style selections.)

For Screen Style, the Seattle Met-curated first-ever style-centric film series at Northwest Film Forum, I gathered the following to discuss their film selections and their ideas about style:

-creative director Strath Shepard (Nordstrom, Pacific Standard magazine, Land Management)

-fashion designer and textile artist Anna Telcs

-dramatically dressed curator and Reel Grrls director Robin Held

We'll meet in one of the Film Forum's theaters on Saturday, December 8 at 5 (before Rockers screens that evening) for an informal panel discussion about how the films in the series inspire the panelist's aesthetics and work, how our favorite films color our day-to-day wardrobe decisions, and how characters are shaped by their outermost layer. 

And, you, know, whatever else you want to ask them or me or us about costuming, culture, design, art, aesthetics, and style.

Please join us; the panel get-together is free. Tickets for the festival selections are getting snapped up quickly.


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