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Holiday Item of the Moment: Diane Katz Silks

Shibori-dyed silk from Tacoma's Diane Katz; something like a heritage brand from the psychedelic past, for the earthy future.

By Laura Cassidy December 6, 2012

Call it psychedelic heritage chic, but there's a return to tactile, artisan aesthetics on many levels and I'm fully behind it.

Where the whole Filson et al thing reminded us that well-built objects in sturdy fabrics make a lot of sense in our closets—and the classic lines look good for a long time, too; shelves full of artisan-made ceramics and textiles (Totokaelo, Object, and Kobo come immediately to mind) imbue our homes with a kind of earthy, long-lasting appeal.


Now through December, they're all 30 percent off." data-image-selection='{"width":570,"height":379,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":570,"y2":379}'>

Tacoma artisan Diane Katz makes silks that feel like future classics and vintage treasures at the same time. Now through December, they're all 30 percent off.

Let's put Diane Katz's Tacoma-dyed silks right in between the two. At once substantial and delicate, both natural and somehow other-worldly, her shibori-dyed scarves and ready-to-wear pieces are ready to get mixed up with combat boots, skinny jeans, sheer skirts, Celine wedges, and all manner of modern and vintage elements.

Though her background stretches back a few decades and is focused in the sportswear sector (25 years developing products for Northwest brands like Nike, Eddie Bauer, and more), Katz's silks aesthetic couldn't be more timely and wearable. 

I love the generously sized scarves and wraps; on Katz's well-presented Etsy shop, blogger and collaborator Dana Suchow shows how versatile they really are. (Speaking of collaborators; you might recognize the photo style; former Seattle street style blogger Adam Katz Sinding is the dyer's son. 

And check this out: Everything in the online shop is 30 percent off through the end of December.



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