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H&M Global Recycling Program

H&M's new sustainability initiative allows shoppers to exchange used clothing for in-store discounts.

By Amanda Zurita December 20, 2012


Megaretailer H&M has announced the launch of its Global Recycling Program. Starting in February 2013, shoppers will be able to exchange used clothing for discounts in select H&M stores—including Seattle's downtown and U Village locations.

No word yet on exactly what bargains you'll receive, but at the very least it's good to know that you're well-worn painting jeans or dryer-shrunken sweater will be put to some service.

Because 95 percent of textiles that end up in landfills can be used again in some capacity whether reworn, reused, or recycled, H&M will accept any piece of clothing from any brand in any condition.

It's the Swedish company's mission to reduce worldwide environmental waste (the program is launching in all of its 48 markets) while finding a long-term technical solution for recycling textiles on a global scale, including working with social projects along the brand's value chain.

That's a sustainable solution us Seattleites can get on board with.

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