The name of the game in style and shopping these days is collaboration.  

I love seeing retailers and designers working together; take, for example, Jenny Klimenkoff at Far 4 and Tamara Codor at Codor Design

The former is bringing a special collection of spirited, mostly handmade goods from her fine and finely humored lifestyle and art store to the latter's just-opened showroom/event space

Showroom/event space? Yes. Codor's furniture company has a new-ish home near the waterfront where their elegantly reclaimed wood furniture and modern-baroque mirrors live—until such time as you (the artist, designer, or party planner) comes in needing a venue. 

Porcelain and plaster? Yes. Klimenkoff's family explores the first, those modern-baroque mirrors employ the second. 

RSVP now for the party on Saturday for a first hand look. 





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