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Styled in Lafayette 148 [Updated]

Join us in Bellevue at Nordstrom on Saturday, October 13 to dissect the fall collection from Lafayette 148—and to try it on!

By Laura Cassidy October 1, 2012


I first noticed the dress in the pages of Elle, or was it Bazaar? When I went to check the credits, the name was new to me: Lafayette 148

Research (I love that I can call online shopping "research") yielded an American fashion design company that certainly isn't a young upstart, though it seems momentum and energy are on its side now more than ever. The look is modern, forward-thinking, totally wearable, and very professional. The idea of "something for everyone" can sometimes raise eyebrows, but here, it works.

Lafayette 148 makes suede panel pants for the adventurous, Kate Hepburn slacks for the artfully serious, architectural wraps that make sense in our part of the world, and well-cut everyday dresses for women work hard and dress quietly. It's a line that professional women can mix into their lives. 

So when the New York-based line asked if I'd like to take a crash course (I love that I get to call fingering cashmere and admiring shapes a "crash course") on their current looks and join them, and you, at Nordstrom in Bellevue to try on their vibrant fall collection, I said sure thing.

Here are the details:

-Meet me at the Bellevue Nordstrom on level three at sudio 121 at 12 on Saturday, October 13 (we'll be there until 2). [This time has been updated.]

-Bring your ideas about fall—don't, you know, bring your entire fall wardrobe but have it in mind—so we can talk about how to add to and maximize it with Lafayette 148.

-None of us is as smart, or as smartly put together, as all of us; group shopping and styling events like this one are good, clean fun.

-Champagne mimosas and small bites? Of course.  


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