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Blog Spot: It's My Darlin'

Introducing Dana Landon, and by "introducing," we mean, here's who to look for when you're about town in a really killer outfit.

By Ray Onzuka October 22, 2012

In this edition of Blog Spot we'd like you to meet Dana Landon—but if you're in the habit of looking adorable at the farmers market or neighborhood coffee shop, chances are good you've already met her. The It's My Darlin' street style-obsessed girl-about-town is usually found wherever fashionable people are hanging out, which is why we were able to share some of her Fashion's Night Out pictures with you.

WWW: Your personal geography, please. Where were you born and raised, and where are you currently living? 
Landon: I was born in Rhode Island and spent the first half of my childhood in Connecticut until my family moved to Idaho. I lived there until I came to Seattle with my husband in 2007. I have been living and working on Capitol Hill since.

Your personal style in three words:
Classic meets unexpected. 

Assuming your blog doesn’t pay the bills, what do you in order to pay the wireless bill and buy new clothes? 
I work for an incredible non-profit called Sound Mental Health that helps to support adults, children, and families in Seattle and the surrounding area.

Your blogging timeline: Is this your first? What, if anything, came before? 
This is my first and only blog. I started It's My Darlin' in 2008 when I purchased my first digital SLR camera.

What was the voice inside your head saying as you were first imagining this blog? 
"Would it be weird if I stopped these people to take their picture?" Having just moved to Seattle from Idaho, I felt surrounded by the unique personal style in this city and wanted to capture it. The blog started out as a sort of inspiration board of things that I found online with the occasional street style post, but quickly became almost entirely about street photos and style.

What’s the hardest thing in terms of blogging about style in Seattle? 
There are three things that most commonly prevent me from taking photos. It seems that about 25 percent of the people who catch my eye are talking on their phone, another 25 percent are waiting for a bus that is pulling up to the bus stop and another 25 percent pass me when I am walking to yoga or out on a run with my camera sitting at home. I must admit, it is pretty disappointing when a good photo gets away.

What’s the best thing in terms of blogging about style in Seattle?
Over the last few years a lot of street style blogs have started around the world. I love photographing a city with style that doesn't look like other parts of the world or the have the same style we see on the runway and in magazines. It wouldn't be any fun if we looked exactly like New York, LA or Paris. People do their own thing here; I love that.

One blog that no one knows about that everyone should read:
Bijou Living. Stacy Laviolette lives in Vancouver, BC and blogs about men and women's style, interior decoration, food, travel, and living well.  

What do you want to do more of on your blog? What’s keeping you from doing it?
I would love to spend more time talking to the people I photograph so that I could include a little more about each person's style and where they got their clothes along with the photos. I don't like to take up too much of people's time when I stop them.

What would you like to see more of in Seattle in terms of style? 
It is always so refreshing to see someone dressed in clothes that they love, worn in a way that fits their personality no matter what their style or budget. This is what I look for when I am out taking photos and the more this way of dressing finds its way to the streets the more unique and full-of-life the city will look.

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