Kabuya, by Sarah Kavage and Adria Garcia.

Indian Summer indeed.

Capitol Hill shopkeeper Adria Garcia, who presides over the vintage shop of the aforementioned in-between season name, along with her friend and installation art partner Sarah Kavage, created a woven, French braid–esque grass happening at Magnuson Park that will—birds, weather, and other natural forces willing—be up through the end of October. 

A grand opening is slated for Sunday, September 9 from 2 to 6, but you can happen by anytime afterward and marvel at the abstract, innovative craftsmanship inherent in tugging and taming a huge swath of nature. Your fishtail will seem like a real cake walk after this. 

Sunday's celebration utilizes the installation as a stage and features modern and traditional music, dance, and poetry. You are encouraged to bring a picnic. Find the giant tangle just north of the park's swimming beach, and keep an ear and eye out for Craig Chambers (of the Lights, Love Tan, Evening Meetings, Le Sang Song), Sngagim Axasniikangin (the only Unangax or Aleut) dance troupe outside the state of Alaska), Dunava (an a cappella Balkan folk group), and other worldly, supernatural stuff. 


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