Our series Next Question focuses on trade secrets from leading local wedding vendors. We ask them what questions clients should ask—but don’t. That’s right: They tell us what concern they seldom hear voiced, and of course, the reply to that missing query as well. The question you’ll be asking as you peruse this series is, Am I asking the best questions? The answer, provided you keep reading, will be yes.

The question Decadence Custom Cakes owner Dan Mikosz wishes he would hear more often:

Can I have a wedding cake that is both beautiful and delicious?

His enthusiastic response: "Yes, you can!"

In an industry that often values presentation over the palate, some might find this claim dubious. A few couples even opt for two cakes: one as a centerpiece and one to serve as dessert. Mikosz doesn’t believe couples should be forced to compromise or spend extra for two cakes in order to serve their guests well and give them a feast for the eyes.

"It's a centerpiece unique to the couple, but in the end, it's food,” says Mikosz of the wedding cake. “It's meant to be eaten, and I want it to taste good."

His culinary background taught him the value of achieving fork-licking taste through a laborious, detailed process.

"I worked for a French pastry chef for a long time, and we made everything very classic, very labor intensive. Everything was made from scratch."

On the flavor side, Mikosz specializes in uniquely scrumptious fillings like coconut passion fruit; on the visual front, he's specially trained in niche methods like the Lambeth technique, pictured here and repopularized with the recent royal wedding. We featured Decadence Custom Cake's Lambeth style three-tier in Seattle Met Bride & Groom's winter/spring issue. (Shown with a vintage topper from Vintage Ambiance.) Painstaking, detail-heavy decoration and delicious flavor profiles? “It’s worth it to me to do that,” he says.

"I get a lot of clients who have really low expectations about how their cake is going to taste,” he muses. “They end up pleasantly surprised."