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New! Blink Lash Atelier

There's a new boss lady behind the curtain at Blink Lash Bar on Capitol Hill.

By Laura Cassidy August 9, 2012



If you're one of those people who makes it a point to try all the top tier stylists at Gene Juarez, chances are very, very good that Leigh Dawson has cut or otherwise styled your locks.

Don't call the downtown salon and ask to see her though, because she took a leap to Capitol Hill to take over ownership of Blink Lash Bar, which she's calling Blink Lash Atelier.

If Blink wasn't the first, it was one of the first in town to focus on lashes, and it remains a gorgeous and intimte option for lash application. Now that Dawson is there, hair cuts and styling and hair removal will be offered also. The Loveless Building (if it isn't the prettiest building on the Hill, it has the best name) shop has two lash technicians and Dawson is bringing in specialists for waxing and sugaring. The cuts and styles will be all hers, though. She's brightening some corners and making some aesthetic improvements on what was already a great looking space, and check this: she's sound-proofing the treatment rooms, too.

Dawson is serious about discretion and intimate, confidential environs. You should be able to tell your hairdresser—or your lash artist or Brazilian waxer—anything, right?

If that's the case, and you start to feel frumpy as you go into fall, do feel free to talk Dawson about it. She'll tell you that summer's easy, breezy beach hair leaves a lot of ladies wanting once the leaves and temperatures start dropping. She likens it to loose, carefree summer wardrobes and the way those maxi dresses start feeling like lifeless tents by mid-September.

Just as you pull in the silhouette on your skirts and jackets and go for fitted, refined wardrobe styles for fall, you'll want the same for your hair.

Just a little something to keep in mind, huh?





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