Shop It: Tenth Avenue Bazaar

The Kaleidoscope Vision gals are hosting a month-long popup shop showcasing local designs and expertly coordinated vintage collections.

By Amanda Austin August 16, 2012


WHERE: Kaleidoscope Vision

WHAT: The Bay Area-born trio of childhood friends behind Kaleidoscope Vision in Capitol Hill have been busy since we caught up with them last.

Check out their newest venture: Tenth Avenue Bazaar, a month long popup shop in their space on Cap Hill space where they're spotlighting ten of their favorite designers, artists, and curators in the Seattle area.

Co-owner Ria Leigh says that she and Mackenzie Garfield and Sophia Phillips love the idea of expanding and uniting the art community that they've become a part of. So often these designers and makers operate separately, Leigh says, and don't have many opportunities to congregate like this, so it's a good chance for all of their work to get some attention together in one spot.

Pay special attention to the flow between the featured collections of Hunter Gathererer (by Ashley Helvey) and Metrode: Leigh says the two collections' natural fibers, wool, cotton, wood, and ceramics play nicely together. Also find some really cool ikat pieces by Lekker Life, a variety of inovative jewelry made from raw, earthy materials, and a lot of nice vintage pieces from the 70s—the decade many of the curators are stuck in.

WHEN: The entire month of August. Things officially shut down on September 2 when the smattering of mini shops get packed up and KV goes back to business as usual. 





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