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Road Test: True Natural Self Tanner

When vanity goes vegan: A self tanner that’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, entirely natural, and actually works.

By Amanda Austin July 10, 2012

The all natural self tanner uses antioxidant-rich green tea extract and jojoba oil for a light, non-greasy concoction that is super hydrating, guards against environmental damage, and soothes skin. The vegan, cruelty-free blend provides a tan within 3

For those of us fair-skinned folks who were a little taken aback by how much white we flaunted alongside that red and blue last week, fret not: the vegans have us covered.

True Natural’s all natural self tanner promises to replace pasty complexions with streak-free color using only naturally occurring ingredients. The promise captured our attention, and the added incentive that we were going to neither harm animals nor lather our bodies in chemicals helped sway us into letting go of our fears from previous fake tanning catastrophes—the orange streaks, the drips, the stained towels, the embarrassing carrot-colored palms, the atrocious smell—and giving the lotion a try.

As it turns out, True Natural delivers. And does so without chemicals, gluten ingredients, animal testing, or outsourced labor. The color is great; no oompa loompa orange here. The self tanner, which combines organic Cupuacu butter, green tea extract, and aloe vera with naturally occurring sugars from fruits and veggies, is hydrating without leaving behind a greasy mess.

We should note, though, that the lotion’s initially pleasant lavender scent gives way to that tell-tale fake-bake aroma after a few hours when the tan really starts to develop. So, if you’re trying to play it off like your sun-kissed skin is au natural, your best bet is to apply the lotion the day before you plan to debut the newly bronzed you. And a word to the wise: Give your hands a good scrubbing immediately after applying the lotion, because you’ll find that remnants of your naturally-unnatural tan will show up in concentrated amounts between your fingers the next day if you’re not careful.

But all things considered, we say go for the faux glow.

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