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Nail Color of the Month: Not Really A Color at All

Essie’s Master Plan evens out the season’s brights.

July 2, 2012


 What’s up with every other citizen on Seattle streets sporting day-glo kicks? From Vans to heels it’s a trend with a spike, and even I (an out-and-proud color freak) am growing a little weary.

The antidote? Master Plan by Essie, a sort of non-color color.

There’s a tendency to lay it on thick when it comes to these neutral shades, but a light, one-to-two layer application of Master Plan yields a sort of pale, muted lavender-toned putty color that manages to shimmy right in between blend and pop on suntanned skin.

So yeah, rock a light-bright top and some shockingly pink pumps (or some neon Nikes), just cool out with a nice shade of nothingness when it comes time to do those fingers and toes.

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