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Lip Color of the Month: Kari Gran Lip Whip

Local color? Not really. More like Seattle shine.

By Laura Cassidy July 5, 2012

Lightly tinted lip whip by Seattle’s Kari Gran.

Are we there yet?

Yes, it’s summer in Seattle. This is happening. That butter-brown glow? It’s you. Hard to believe after months and months of layers but forget all that for now: The sun’s out and shoes and sleeves have been replaced by little sandals and thin straps and it’s all really, really beautiful.

Nothing is prettier than summer skin, and although the just-launched Seattle-based beauty brand Kari Gran is definitely a four-season operation, I bet Gran herself would agree with my belief that right now, less is more.

Gran’s just-barely pigmented lip whip contains naturally hydrating and soft gloss-making oils like caster seed, olive, calendula, and avocado, and it goes on like a dream—and stays there. Organic cinnamon and peppermint and wild-harvest pimento berry give it a soft sweetness; other natural ingredients lend a barely-pink tint. The sleek, black glass packaging that carries the entire line—a line born of the need for what is natural and nourishing—pushes it into the realm of local luxury.

I can relate to Gran’s admission that she’s tried just about every lip product on the market. I’m that girl, too. But this lip whip has staying power. At least for now. At least for these next few weeks, when less is definitely more.

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