Feel Good, Do Good, Look Good

Shoe Drive at Clementine

Gently-worn donations will go to Jubilee Women’s Center; savings will go to you.

By Amanda Austin June 8, 2012

You can get ten percent off on these Chie Miharas from Clementine.

WHERE: Clementine Shoes

WHAT: Allow the West Seattle shoe shop to be the middlewoman between your gently worn, otherwise-neglected shoes and the Jubilee Women’s Center. Clementine will take footwear donations to the local organization that provides a safe, supportive network for low-income women to find housing and employment.

As a reward for your benevolence (let’s be honest: as a reward for cleaning out your closet), Clementine will shave 10 percent off the purchase of one item when you donate one pair of shoes; donating two pairs means you save 15, and three means a discount of 20 percent.

WHEN: Drop shoes off at Clementine between June 10 and 17 during normal business hours.

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