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Bella Umbrella at Pike Place

Seattle’s vintage umbrella enthusiast moves her expanded collection downtown.

By Amanda Austin May 30, 2012

We went to Bella Umbrella for the white pagoda on the cover of our winter/spring 2012 issue.

For a city that doesn’t always embrace its rainy weather, we sure love umbrellas.

Well, Seattle brides and grooms do, but no one loves them more than Jodell Egbert. She couldn’t help herself from collecting vintage varieties, so she began renting out the old school parasols and bumbershoots for weddings through a website in 2001. Four years later she began designing and manufacturing her own designs; three years after that, in 2008, she opened Bella Umbrella in Ballard.

And just a few weeks ago, Egbert relocated her umbrella emporium to the southwest corner of First Avenue and Pine. Egbert says she wanted her shop to become a local icon, and what more direct route to retail heroics than Pike Place Market?

Not that her list of bold-face clients isn’t a pretty direct route. Through, the online version of her shop, she supplied the crucial yellow umbrella in How I Met Your Mother and Carrie Bradshaw’s signature hot pink pagoda in Sex and the City 2. And, when Kate Moss got married, her umbrellas came from Seattle. Zooey Deschanel’s did, too.

With three times the space as the Ballard location, the new downtown shop showcases lots more umbrellas; specifically, options in the $30-40 range. And for weddings: a new shipment of the romantic, classic white and ivory pagodas—like the one featured on Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s winter/spring cover (above)—they rent for $20 each; for $99 you can keep it forever.

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