The Seattle contestants with Elle MacPherson.

Let us guess. You can’t bring yourself to watch Fashion Star but you’re curious how the show’s Seattle contestants are faring? And you’re wondering what Jessica Simpson could possibly add to the discussion? Local blogger, designer, and all-around style gal Tina Witherspoon joins us on Thursdays to recap the show.

I flipped out when I saw a tweet hinting that the designers would be making couture this week… NOT! The challenge was to make two pieces for completely different markets: one high-end garment, and one low-end version with broad appeal.

Local gal Lizzie Parker was cut last week, so all our hopes for a high/low victory rest with Lisa Hunter, who was shown this week in the workroom describing a high-end coat made from a "very rich fabric, $50 a yard—gorgeous!" She’s also making a low-end version in a yellow fabric. Her goal is to sell to Saks 5th Avenue because it’s the last store she shopped in with her mom before she passed away. At $50 per yard she better hope Saks 5th Avenue makes a bid, otherwise that coat will be sold at a loss through Macy’s for $79 or H&M for $39.

After the coats hit the runway, Varvatos reports that "the high-end wasn’t high and the low-end was predictable." So, unfortunately, no offers for Lisa tonight.

In other no-offers news: Orly, of the two-fer, attempts to create a high-end look that transforms when you fold down the waistband. Her look goes from being a pair of high-waisted Hollywood pants to a pair of not-so-high-waisted Hollywood pants. Celebrity mentor Jessica Simpson jokes with her about having gotten in trouble for wearing high-waisted slacks (yes, we remember), but says she loves the look. That doesn’t get Orly anywhere, though.

Among the designers who are more fortunate: Sarah makes a high-end dress with back cutouts and an asymmetrical hem that’s interesting, but it’s hard to tell how high-end it is until Varvatos proclaims it cheap—excuse me, inexpensive. Simpson likes the low-end dress and offers Sarah her sage advice: "Next week just keep making it better." She doesn’t need Simpson’s advice, though, because once she gets to buyer’s row, there’s an offer from H&M for $60k. They want to buy both designs. Hang on—H&M? High-end design? Would this be for the recently announced luxury fashion store off-shoot they’re doing? Nope, they’re selling the "high-end" dress for $19.99.

The bottom three this week turn out to be Lisa, Ronnie, and Edmund. The mentors decide to save Ronnie, probably because of his connections to Zac Posen. H&M tells Lisa that the buyers have been asking for innovation and current trends in her designs from the beginning, and she just hasn’t shown that. Well honestly, her aesthetic is 1960s Audrey Hepburn, so what did they expect? Ultimately Saks 5th Avenue tells Lisa, "I’m sorry, you’re not our fashion star."

So we say buh-bye to the other Seattle contestant, but it’s all good. Lisa got one buy from Macy’s and she feels she’s proven that she can take her designs beyond her boutique.

My favorite part of each show might just be Elle MacPherson’s tagline at the end of each episode. This week gets us another gem: "Who will get bought and sold on the stage? Who will take one step closer to becoming the next big fashion brand? Tune in next week and remember there’s always something special in store for you on Fashion Star."

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