Oscar got the boot on this week’s episode of Fashion Star; our Seattle favorites remain.

Seattle blogger, designer, and all-around style gal Tina Witherspoon joins us on Thursdays to recap NBC’s Fashion Star, which features two Seattle designers.

NBC’s Fashion Star: The show that caused the most jaded fashion bloggers in the biz to exclaim "Mary, mother of pearl just look at that set!"

They’re right, it’s a very big set. In fact I don’t know how the buyers can see enough detail on the runway from where they’re sitting to make a $50k bid on anything. The title should really include an exclamation point and jazz hands because this ain’t no Project Runway, folks.

Fashion Star is a full-on game show with the contestants trying to sell their wares to big-box buyers. The 14 designers are competing for a $6 million dollar contract. In case you missed the glitz and flash of the 90 minute premiere (complete with motorcycles on stage, masked, gyrating lingerie models and way too many explosions) you can read my recap of episode one here.

Thankfully, they got right to it this week, omitting the opening-act advertisement for Elle MacPherson’s lingerie line. Still, the audience was treated to a few very animated models strutting the catwalk to ubersuggestive pop songs including ‘I Like It’ by Enrique Inglesias featuring Pitbull and Rhianna’s ‘Blow.’ There was even a little more drama backstage this week, as two designers plotted to kick Oscar off the stage.

We won’t get into all that though. We’re about the craft—er…the consumer. What is this show about?

The big winner of on Tuesday night was accessory designer Kara Laricks, which was a total surprise since last week she sent her models down the catwalk wearing someone else’s clothing. All she made was a deconstructed tie/collar thing, so the Saks Fifth Avenue buyer called her a one-trick pony. But this week her models strutted the runway in a fashion-forward menswear inspired dress that incited a bidding war between two of the buyers. Alas, Saks Fifth Avenue had the deepest pockets and won with an offer of $110k.

Madison Park’s very own Lisa Hunter hit it out of the park. Her "Trudy" day dress was classic, vintage-inspired and earned her a $50k offer from Macy’s. Nzimiro Oputa’s tailored men’s shirt with great pocket details got the attention of both Macy’s and H&M who offered identical bids of $70k, which means he got to choose which store would carry his design (he went with Macy’s). The final winner of the night was Sarah Parrot, who at the last minute scrapped her dress design and started over with a pair of wide leg trousers. The white tuxedo pant with black piping was nicely styled and won her a $50k offer from H&M.

Unfortunately, Issaquah’s Lizzie Parker was not so lucky. She was criticized for not using more color, but she remains to sew again next Tuesday.

You know how it is: One day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Someone had to go home and of the bottom three designers this week, the buyers cut the tiny, flamboyant drama queen Oscar Fierro after he presented a collection that John Varvatos referred to as "4am Hoochy."

I don’t think I’ll miss his collection next week.

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