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Jason Wu x Target

A few look book images have been released, and a few area Target stores have confirmed that they’ll have the line on opening day, February 5.

By Laura Cassidy January 10, 2012 announced some more information regarding the upcoming Jason Wu x Target collaboration yesterday; notably, they posted a few look book images. A full set of looks has yet to be released, but what’s out so far is textbook Wu; feminine, classic, and if not good girl-gone-bad, well, then, good girl-taking-bad-under-consideration.

The images here are the ones has; they report that the collection will consist of 53 items—that’s 350 shy of the giant mass of specially designed Missoni gear that hit Target in September.


Wu told the style site,"The focus isn’t just getting Jason Wu at a lower price point, it was about creating an entirely new collection that I think my regular customers will enjoy, too.”

Regular customers and bargain hunters alike can trek to the West Seattle, Southcenter, Kent, and Everett Target stores on the first Sunday in February to check it out. If I were intent on getting into the low-price lace tee-shirts and short skirts, I’d trek outside of the metropolitan area and hit up a store in the ’burbs.

I’m not saying they don’t know who Wu is in, say, Snohomish County, but I’m betting the lines won’t be quite as long. Then again, will the selection be as good?

Wu’s Target looks may well be at other target shops across the state; you should call around in the direction of your choice and check. The initial customer service reps at the aforementioned stores didn’t have a sliver of a clue what I was talking about when I first called, but upon explanation ("it’s like the Missoni collection, W-U.") they were able to investigate and report back. The Northgate number, btw, just rang and rang and rang and rang …


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