Stay small; Seattle spaces guy Brian Paquette as featured in San Francisco-based online Rue magazine.

Limited space—220 square feet—is no problem for Seattle interior designer and all-around style scene guy Brian Paquette.

Check out this Rue magazine link (“turn” to page 55; sorry there’s no direct link) to see his pad, and then read our interview to get to know Paquette a bit (after all, you’re about to be a guest in his home) and find out how to adapt his ideas to your little nook. Or your five-bedroom Craftsman.

WWW: You mention in the Rue article that your Capitol Hill apartment is smaller than your boarding school pad was. Where did you grow up and how did you find your way to Seattle?
Paquette: I grew up in Newport, Rhode Island; I went to school in western Massachusetts. I moved out to Portland on a whim five years ago and was brought up here two and a half years ago to do creative direction for a firm. When I was bored with that, I took on BP Interiors full time.

You did some time at Blackbird, too. What was your role there?
I started at Blackbird doing marketing, and then joined forces with [owner] Nicole Miller to open the Portland store and then redo the Field House. I am still part of the family but my own work is taking all of my time now.

What are your favorite spots for finding home accessories, accent pieces, and furniture in Seattle?
Kirk Albert, Susan Wheeler Home, Object, Pacific Galleries, and the Good Mod in Portland.

Is there a wall color that you find works particularly well for small spaces?
It’s personal. If my apartment let me, I would paint it high gloss navy blue. Dark colors, to me, don’t shut in a place so much as they cozy it up. It’s all about scale and your daringness.

Can you share three general tips for small spaces?

1. Love everything you live with and if that means waiting until you find the perfect piece than wait. 2. Be bold; you can change almost anything, and you should, regularly. 3. Use large comfortable furniture. All too often people buy uncomfortable, “apartment”-sized furniture. I have a large dining room table that I use as a desk to spread out, and a queen size bed to do the same. If it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t matter how much room you might be saving.

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