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Blog Spot: It’s Symmetrical

Meet Chloe Scheffe, the Seattle style blogger and graphic designer behind It’s Symmetrical.

By Laura Cassidy January 6, 2012

SLIDESHOW: Chloe in action, or rather, on her blog. This image is from a post about a trip to Chicago which you shouldn’t read if you are totally adverse to the idea of being interested in going to Chicago.

Sure, I have_ sartorial reservations for the new year, _but I’ve also resolved to continue dispelling the ridiculous myth that our city has no style community, no style scene. One initiative on this campaign is a new series of interviews with Seattle style bloggers. We kick it off today by chatting with Chloe Scheffe of It’s Symmetrical.

WWW: Your personal geography: born, raised, and currently living?
Scheffe: I’ve lived in Washington my entire life, splitting my time pretty evenly between three cities—Longview, where I was born, Bellingham, and Tacoma. I finally moved to Seattle last month, though I’ve spent most of my time in the city for the past two years.

Your personal style in three words?
Drapey, minimal, moody.

Assuming your blog doesn’t pay the bills, what do you in order to pay the wireless bill and buy new clothes?
By day I’m a graphic designer at Tether Inc.

Your blogging timeline: Is this your first? What, if anything, came before?
It’s Symmetrical is my third blog. The first, a joint venture with my twin sister, was called Nothing Relevant, and we covered all things design and art, and were simply giddy with the whole new world of design (we were freshmen in college at the time). The second I started about a year later. It was called Wander Wonder, and I ran it initially to share my experiences as a design intern in Qingyundian Township (in Beijing, China) over the summer, but eventually returned to all things design. At some point I finally noticed that nobody seemed to be reading it, and stopped posting. Six months or so after that, once I’d graduated college, I was bored and living in Tacoma when all my friends were in Seattle and was just beginning to see a glimmer of the possibilities of style and had a DSLR just crying out to be used—and thus, It’s Symmetrical was born.

What was your original goal in starting It’s Symmetrical?
I believe the very first description I wrote of It’s Symmetrical was something along the lines of "When it comes to style, I’m a beginner. I want to document my style evolution to help other people delve into the world of style and to grow my own taste." Short, simple, and still true today.

Who reads your blog?
I’ve noticed that a lot of other style bloggers read my blog. My readership isn’t huge, but it’s fairly loyal. I like to think that my readers see the effort I put into making each post beautiful and valuable, even if only in the smallest of ways.

What’s the hardest thing in terms of blogging about style in Seattle?
I feel quite disconnected from the world of style at times. It’s way too easy to let myself go for a week or two and dress in chunky sweaters and flats and not blog and not think about any of it.

What’s the best thing in terms of blogging about style in Seattle?
Seattle is gorgeous! Taking photos here is no problem whatsoever. Also, as trite as it may sound, I am super inspired by scenery—a quick walk through downtown or a bus ride to Tacoma gives me time to get my thoughts in order, and dream up what I’ll write about next. Little, beautiful moments refresh me.

Please point us to at least one blog that no one knows about but that everyone should read.
For style, Formelle. For design, Type Everything Both are image streams, but they are so, so wonderful. You’ll leave inspired.

What do you want to do more of on your blog? What’s keeping you from doing it?
I really wish I could share more of my daily looks—my favorite thing about other style blogs is seeing how the authors put clothes together, and It’s Symmetrical’s main purpose is to inspire in that sense. What’s stopping me at the moment is the fact that the sun sets at 3:30pm. Also, I essentially have to bribe my lovely sister into taking photographs for me since using a tripod and remote is a pain and takes so much longer. All those lattes get expensive! But really, I just need to give myself a good slap in the face and commit more time to the blog.

What would you like to see more of in Seattle in terms of style?
More heels on women, more suits (with slim trousers!) on men. Polish it up, Seattle.

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