SPEND 10 YEARS WATCHING LIGHT SLIDE through vividly rendered blown glass and your relationship with color will definitely deepen. Susan Marabito, who holds down the fort at downtown’s glass art store Vetri, confirms that. As to how she gained the capacity to turn her wardrobe into a party, well, that has to do with the decade she spent selling boldly spirited, exuberantly poppy women’s fashion.

Wearing The leggings and rubber necklace are from my favorite local store, Sandy Lew. The peplum jacket and skirt are vintage Betsey Johnson from the store I owned in the ’80s in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The boots are Vince Camuto from Nord-strom. I’ve had these glasses for 25 years. People still stop me on the street to ask where I got them.

Old Habits Die Hard My boutique was near New York City so I visited showrooms and worked with designers like Leon Max, Willi Smith from Williwear, and Betsey Johnson—who I am obsessed with to this day. Even now, as I approach my mid-50s, I find many of her very first pieces, as well as her current ones, really fun and flattering for my body type.

Balancing Act It’s like that Eddie Vedder line, “I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.” I like trends, but I don’t live by them.

Priorities Straight When I moved to Seattle I looked for a hairstylist before I looked for a doctor. Shelli Martin from 7 Salon is a master wizard of curly hair. Most of my life I wanted straight, shiny, blonde hair—a result of growing up in the ’70s—but I’m so comfortable and happy now, I wouldn’t want anything else.

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