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Style Counsel: Tamara Musser

Please meet the Seattle-based designer fashion collector par excellence.

By Laura Cassidy November 18, 2011

Tamara Musser enjoys herself (thoroughly) in a Pucci gown. The Chanel ice-cube clutch is a pretty good time, too. Pickle-green Louboutins? A regular party.

Once I finally got to talking with Tamara Musser at this year’s Nordstrom Designer Preview, I knew I had to introduce her to you.

And when I say you, I’m talking to you, the ones who love this stuff, and I am talking to the folks who say Seattle is a city full of casual Fridays and frump. I am talking to folks who say that we don’t understand high fashion the way they do in other cities.

Musser is a collector par excellence, but she doesn’t treat fashion like some passive board game. She collects smartly and impulsively. She buys what she loves, and follows certain designers obsessively (McQueen was one), but she isn’t someone who lives and breathes by names and labels.

She lives and breathes by reworked hemlines (as her alternations gal at Nordstrom would tell you) and killer shoes. She lives and breathes by how fun it is to wear something artful and engineered and exceptionally well-made and shiny and short.

And she decided along time ago that if she was going to collect this stuff, she was going to wear it. Every day. So she joyfully mixes seasons and genres and wears them to work—no, not some art gallery or luxury law firm, but a North End school where she deconstructs math problems for teenagers.

Whoa. Makes you feel pretty silly for wondering whether or not that Marc Jacobs polka-dot skirt would work in the board room, right?

Here, Musser wears a Pucci gown (it’s a turtleneck and a plunging V! this one won’t go to school—and it hasn’t been worn out yet) that she and her alternations team are considering making some, um, improvements to. She’s thinking that heavy, opaque forest-green panel doesn’t necessarily need to obscure the pailette-covered panel—or her entire leg…

What do you think? Should they lob it off or keep it as Peter Dundas designed it?

Tamara as she appears in our December Style Council page.

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