How to Grow an Amazing Mustache

By Allie Oosta October 14, 2011 Published in the November 2011 issue of Seattle Met

MOVEMBER” IS THE MONTH when men boldly unleash their upper-lip hair in support of prostate cancer awareness. Keith Haubrich, aka Gandhi Jones, is Seattle’s mustache expert. In addition to seven other titles, he was named Freestyle Moustache World Champion in 2007, 2009, and 2011. Follow his tips as you begin your quest to produce some impressive facial flair.

  1. Do the best you can with what you can grow. If your mustache comes out uneven or patchy, keep the lines that grow well and shave the rest.
  2. Consider the shape of your face. Mustaches work better on wide, round faces. Got a long, thin mug? Add a beard.
  3. Shampoo and condition. When you get to a good length, think about style. Point it upwards with wax for a happy look, or add hairspray for a bushier effect.
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