The Luly Yang fashion show is a big highlight at Urban Unveiled each year.

Where: Benaroya Hall

What: Dozens of vendors in categories from hair and makeup and stationary to photographers and wedding planners gather inside one of downtown’s grandest meeting places because they want to meet you. Stroll the upper tiers and tuck into side rooms to meet, talk with, and sample the talents of some of Seattle’s top wedding professionals.

And do it all in a timely manner; the Luly Yang fashion show starts at 9. Yang has debuted her collections at Urban Unveiled for the past few years; it’s a great chance to see her most recent designs in action—on the runway, that is. Which is not that different from an aisle. Correct?

Benaroya Hall becomes a top tier wedding show on Wednesday, October 12.

This year’s Urban Unveiled, and this season’s Luly Yang line, is called Diamond, so expect lots of sparkle. I previewed Yang’s newest dresses the other day, and they are just plain stunning.

When: Wednesday, October 12; doors open at 6. Tickets are available through the Urban Unveiled website.