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Headlines: Portland Collection in Elle

Our sister city is in the national fashion mag this month.

By Laura Cassidy September 30, 2011

Elle features Pendleton’s Portland Collection and takes a page from the Northwest look in this month’s issue.

We’ve talked about Pendleton’s Portland Collection under the rubric Headlines before, and you’ve seen our edit of the pieces in New West; I want to make sure you don’t miss page 218 in the October issue of Elle magazine, either. Told ya there’d be buzz.

(If you want to see the pieces in person, I’d suggest a trip to Les Amis, where they mix in beautifully with lines by Rachel Comey and Isabel Marant.)

With the subhead, “With the high-end Portland Collection, Pendleton Woolen Mills lays claim to a fashion-savvy, youthful customer,” the national mag piece tells the story of Pendleton’s president, his light bulb moment (summed up: young cool people like us!), and the look, feel, and street cred of the men’s and women’s looks created by Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk, and John Blasioli.

Word from a reliable PDX source has it that Pendleton didn’t commission the designers to do a spring collection because they wanted to see how fall sold. Because the current season is selling so well, Crissman, Turk, and Blasioli are sketching and cutting as we speak, hard at work on Fall 2012.

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