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Jamie Ewing, Fashion Designer Turned Schoolteacher

By Laura Cassidy August 22, 2011

School teacher Jamie Ewing used to help design Jamie Ewing has a few things to say about sixth graders and good hair days; here, he schools us on some favorite shopping spots and what not to wear.

WWW: You used to design menswear in New York and now you teach elementary school in White Center. Do you find yourself wearing pieces you wore 20 years ago or are that world and this one existing on separate planes?
Ewing: I do still have some pieces from when I worked with Basco, the in-house Barneys New York line, in the late 90s. A few grey flannel shirts and a blazer. They’re timeless, almost like old friends. I am a long way from when I would wear Gaultier out in the clubs.

What are your favorite Seattle shops?
I love Ian because they keep it fresh and modern, always growing. I like DNA at the Bravern for denim. Mario’s for dressier things. I also like to go into shops like Great Jones Home and Kirk Albert Vintage to see what’s going on in local design, it actually influences things I wear. I can spend hours at Second Use and Earthwise wondering what could be next.

What one thing do you put on and always feel great in?
There are a couple; one is the custom tuxedo that my partner and I had made by Luly Yang. There is nothing like having a custom suit or tuxedo made, there is no way it can look bad. Plus, it has iridescent, shocking orange lining that looks great when you throw it over a chair. The other things I love to throw on are the vintage Burberry overcoats that I inherited from my grandfather. Not only are they still relevant but they have history, I love that. They’re really full-cut and are a blast to wear.

What’s the last great thing you purchased for yourself?
I’m in love with Frederic Malle fragrances from Barneys, especially Noir Epice and Carnal Flower. Each fragrance is designed by a different person and they all blow me out of the water. I have kind of started collecting them. I was just down in San Francisco and hit the G-Star there, it is like a candy store! There is also an Engineered Garments wool hooded poncho with nylon strapping that I got at Ian last fall that’s still really fun to wear. The best thing is that they only had ONE!

What’s your next big purchase going to be?
I’m on the lookout for some really great wool flannel pants but they need to be updated and modern, not business-y. I also am thinking hats for the winter; traditional looks maybe. And I do need new glasses but I am so not sure which direction to go. I don’t wear them all the time (yet) so I get confused on what I should do. I think I avoid it because it makes me feel OOOOLD.

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