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Headlines: TLC goes Big Sexy

A reality show gets into the reality of women’s bodies.

By Laura Cassidy August 5, 2011

America’s next top role models? TLC debuts a reality show starring these five plus-size gals on August 30.

Get ready for a healthy dose of reality on your TV. Among fashion headlines this week was a reveal from TLC (via Their Big Sexy debuts on August 30 at 10.

The show will follow five New York-based plus-size (that term is starting to sound dated) fashion industry wanna-be’s on casting calls, interviews, and other outings.

We had a huge response from real-sized readers when we introduced you to Seattle-based real-sized supermodel Tara Lynn after her gorgeous figure graced the cover of French Elle; and a really informative dialog ensued when I asked you to, ahem, weigh in on plus-size shopping in Seattle.

I’m thinking Seattle will tune in to Big Sexy. If and when you do, let us know what you think of it.

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