“Design is molding juxtapositions,” says new kid on the block Laura Mehlinger, whose lingerie and loungewear line Lola Haze just showed up at Zovo Lingerie in Seattle.

An English major with a passion for fashion, Mehlinger feels inspired by Nabokov’s famously feisty heroine Lolita, whom she named her line after. And dig this—she wrote her BA thesis on the coquettish character, too. At Harvard.

After packing her bags and traveling around the world, Mehlinger was armed with the confidence and know-how to start her own clothing line in New York, where she practices her style mantra: Don’t let traditional ideas of what’s ‘feminine’ limit you.

You might try the intricately detailed, vibrantly colored intimate innerwear as layering pieces, too. Mehlinger insists that “her line isn’t just for the boudoir.” And Nabokov isn’t the only influence: The rococo flair of Prince, the couture of New York fashion, abstract expressionism, and art deco architecture all play a part in her irreverent and unpredictable panties, bras, and sleepwear. Take a sneak peak here, and head to the U District to see more.

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