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What’s Your Take On … Seattle in Vogue?

Do you recognize yourself as Karlie Kloss in Tevas and designer wool tied around her waist?

By Laura Cassidy June 14, 2011

This is what Vogue magazine thinks you look like.

And that’s what I get for not reading American Vogue on any kind of regular basis. (I won’t pretend to prefer ‘reading’ the Parisian or Italian version, but when I do pick them up, it’s the British edition.)

Melissa at the Seattle-based fashion and lifestyle site Jenesequa pointed out that Seattle is in the glossies yet again. The June issue of Vogue has Lynn Yaeger and Craig McDean hanging out in our backyards for the North by Northwest installment of the mag’s "America the Beautiful" series. (Only you can tell no one actually came here; they place the Four Seasons five minutes away from SAM; you’d have to take the long route, like through Green Lake, to spend more than 30 seconds getting from one to the other.)

I don’t have any problem with them referring to us as "sophisticated but disarmingly down-to-earth," but it’s a bummer that they’re still buying into the Teva cliche (with Balenciaga?? I mean, c’mon). And really? The Nevermind cover again? Aren’t the Fleet Foxes big enough to name drop? Or is that a Portland band now?

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