Sample Sale: Poverty Flats by Rian Handbags

Locally designed satchels, totes, and more at great prices; could it be that mom’s gift is in the bag?

By Laura Cassidy May 3, 2011

Poverty Flat’s striped shoulder bag; the line is hosting a sample sale this Thursday, May 5.

Where: Rian Bags world headquarters; 159 Western Ave W, Suite 457, Seattle 98119

What: Locally designed striped shoulder bags, day bags, satchels, messengers, and more at great discounts (no specific discount percentages are being released). You may have seen Rian Bags and their off-shoot, Poverty Flats (I know, I’m not sure about the name either) around town; the Seattle-based line is carried or has been carried at Mario’s and Urban Outfitters. The company is stoked because they recently landed Nordstrom. Perhaps in readying their wares for 50 of the mega-retailer’s shops, they found themselves with an excess of pocketed, zippered carry-alls, and thus, this sale.

Retail prices for Poverty Flats hover around $75; most sample sales offer discounts in the 30 percent-or-more range. Rian Bags’ Facebook page has an event listing for the sale.

Does mom need a hobo bag?

When: Thursday, May 5 from 11 to 8

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