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Just Landed: Making Paper Flowers

The do-it-yourself book kit from an SMBG-featured artisan. (And a don’t-miss offer to get a free copy directly from the author.)

By Laura Cassidy April 6, 2011


Big congratulations to Tacoma crafter Laurie Cinotto, whose Making Paper Flowers was released a few days ago. And congrats to you, too; you now have all the step-by-step guidance, full-color inspiration, and vividly hued crepe paper you need to make good on your DIY vision.

The book kit—not just a book you understand, but materials and templates—is available at Barnes and Noble; you can also click through from LaLaLaurie, Cinotto’s website, to get a signed copy. (see upper right hand corner).

There’s a fun stop-motion video of the book on Vimeo, and a few of Cinotto’s images of it in the slideshow if that suits you better. If the name or the impeccable approach to craft look familiar, it might be that you saw the page in the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom wherein Cinotto put together some DIY name cards and table ideas for our "Project Wedding" page. A copy of that is also included in the slideshow here.

If you like what you see, be sure to check in at LaLaLaurie; Cinotto tells us she’ll be giving a copy away via her site sometime soon.

One last thing—I’d be remiss to leave out Cinotto’s other passion and talent: caring for and photographing kittens. Her wildly popular and well-humored blog, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee chronicles her adventures in fostering insanely sweet kittens for her local Humane Society. Yes, the kittens on her blog are being readied for adoption, so don’t click the link above unless you’re a) sure you can resist an assault of adorableness without adding to your pet stable or daily blog roll or b) seriously considering a tiny feline.

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