More Madrona Shopping [Updated]

Some of our favorite things around the area of Union and 34th Street.

By Laura Cassidy April 22, 2011

SLIDESHOW: A shopper’s tour of Madrona. Here, the absolute best place to browse and buy jewelry and accessories, Hitchcock.

Ready to check out Destination: Madrona and get to know Kate Link at Guesthouse? While you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll want to avail yourself of some other shopportunities.

[Update: Guesthouse is now closed.]

Check out the slideshow here for a look at what we love near the intersection of Union and 34th Street.

Restaurants while you’re there? Sure, our food folks have plenty to say when it comes to Madrona’s eateries.

Oh and here’s a reason to hold off a bit longer: Molly Moon’s micro-shop, soon to be scooping right next door to Hitchcock, is set to open on May 10.

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