SLIDESHOW: Style Counselor and Seattle designer Emeka Alam’s spring ‘11 line. The lifeblood of Gold Coast Trading Co. is the T-shirt. This season’s references the Soweto Youth Riots of 1976.

You might not have guessed that there’s a connection between experimental pop icon M.I.A and this sometimes sleepy city of ours, but there is, and his name is Emeka Alams.

Our Style Counsel subject first worked with the singer/rapper/electro-everything artist in the capacity of tour merchandise designer; eventually, M.I.A and her fiance Ben Bronfman approached the Seattle native about collaborating on a clothing line now known as Gold Coast Trading Company.

Yeah, that’s a lot of name dropping, I know. I take full responsibility. But it’s so cool seeing how creative minds in our own community intersect with some of the most internationally celebrated ones out there in the world.

Plus, the line stands up to it. Check out the slideshow and see for yourself.

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