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Herban Design Studio Class Schedule

DIY boutonnieres and centerpieces, artful dessert buffets, and more from Herban Feast’s Herban Design Studio at SoDo Park.

By Laura Cassidy March 2, 2011

Herban Design Studio, where you’ll find artful entanglements of drift wood, a boatload of gorgeous glass vessels, a hallway of cake pedestals, and a giant room full of ideas. Sign up now for one of their just-announced DIY

Classes are in session over at the new Herban Design Studio at SoDo Park.

Have you seen this place? Holy places of dignified DIYing. It’s like the Cornish of celebratory decor: Giant ceilings, tons of light, lots of fresh, inventive ideas balanced on every naturally occurring architectural shelf element, and this whole staff of enthusiastic stuff-makers. A must see, and must roll-up-your-sleeves and get-to-it for anyone with visions of woodsy wonderland receptions or conceptual tabletop ideas about the interconnectedness of earth, sky, water, Parisian cake pedestals, and people who really love each other.

Here’s a look at what the next couple dozen weeks have to offer. All inquiries can be filed at Info (@) or by calling 206-607-8861.

Wednesday, March 9 from 6 to 8 – Workshop fee: $50; materials Fee: $12
Creating Unique Boutonnieres If you’ve ever seen designer Chad Burnworth’s floral work you know it’s no stretch to call this man an artist. (If you haven’t seen his work; check out our Winter/Spring 2011 issue; he’s in there.) He just sees materials differently than most of us. Burnworth, who has his own floral and event design company and is also the creative director at Herban Design Studio, will be helping students ‘explore ways to use everyday botanical elements to build memorable boutonnieres.’

Wednesday, March 23 from 6 to 8 – Workshop fee: $50; materials fee: $10
The Art of the Dessert Table In the current issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom, event and propping guru Matthew Parker helped us prove that the dessert table doesn’t necessarily have to be a precious, ultra-fancy, chandelier-lit experience. It can be a party. While the agenda in our current issue is not the agenda at this workshop, Parker is just the kind of guy (read: utterly charming, totally inspiring, crazily creative) you want to help you explode and rebuild just exactly what your cake table agenda is. From the uh, syllabus: ‘We’ll interactively help you create a scaled cake table plan that includes color samples and prop and linen ideas. Use it as a mini design guide for your upcoming event.’

One of Patricia Minish’s delicate cake toppers. You’ll learn how she does it on Sunday, March 27.

Sunday, March 27 from 12 to 2 – Workshop fee: $50; materials fee: $15
Create a Charming Keepsake Favor Box Patricia Minish’s keepsake boxes are delicate and lovely things that seem to be constructed by tiny elves or maybe angels. Perhaps you’ve seen them at Trophy Cupcakes? To me and my clumsy hands, they would seem to be impossible to recreate, but because Minish is such a gentle and patient person, I can totally believe that she’d be able to pass along her methodologies. You’ll leave the class with your own keepsake, great for giving to mom, one of your best gal friends, or yourself.

Saturday, May 7 from 10 to 12 – Workshop fee: $50; materials fee: $25
Culinary and Decorative Herb Gardening Herban Feast owner BJ Duft himself is leading this class, in which you’ll wrap your head around indoor and outdoor herbal gardening as well as the all-important what-to-do-now factor once the gorgeous, fragrant stuff is ready to pick. Maybe you’ll use fresh or dried herbs in a wedding favor gift, or maybe you’ll use them as a reminder to relax and slow down a bit during the hectic months leading up to the big day.

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