Love Is Complicated III: Sweet Petula

Gee your best friend smells terrific.

By Malika Ritchie February 3, 2011

A very special made-in-Seattle love potion from Sweet Petula.

THE RELATIONSHIP ISSUE: You’re in love, but not that kind of love.

THE RESOLUTION: Give friends, family members, and other such non-passionate types something that makes them all the more lovable to others.

THE EXPERT: Cory Smith, artisan scent-, soap-, and stuff-crafter at Sweet Petula, once located in Pioneer Square, now found on Etsy.

THE GIFT: For gals: shea butter soap in Love Potion #9. Smith says this scent is exclusive for Valentine’s Day 2011 and is a ‘smoky, sexy blend but yet still very feminine and sweet. I’ve mixed Italian bergamot, with smoke, amber, Peru balsam, jasmine, musk, sweet honey, pale rose and a touch of champagne.’

For the dudes: Bonjour Monsieur. Of the name of this combo of roasted tea leaves, tobacco, cedarwood, and Sicilian lemon, Smith says: ’I’m calling it Bonjour Monsieur because when I meet the man that smells like this, I’m going to walk up to him and say, Bonjour Monsieur!

Well hello, Mister. You smell terrific.

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