UPDATED Save the Date: Bill Cunningham New York

Upcoming film about the man Anna Wintour gets dressed for is coming to Seattle…in April.

By Laura Cassidy February 14, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, the Sartorialist did not invent street style fashion photography. New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham did. More or less.

If you listen to the people who talk about fashion, you’ve heard them talking about Bill Cunningham New York. They, the ones in New York or LA, are talking about seeing this film in March. Lucky them. We here in Seattle have to wait until the week of April 29, at which point the documentary will make its way to either the Varsity or the Metro. That detail is TBD. (UPDATE 2/16/11: this film will show at the Varsity Theater.) I did just secure a DVD review copy, however, so as details emerge, I’ll be able to give you the full scoop (no spoilers) on what to expect.

For now, we have the trailer — and, of course, the Sunday Times.

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