Love Is Complicated VIII: Claudio Corallo Chocolates

Intellectual chocolate from the Island of Principe.

By Malika Ritchie February 10, 2011


THE RELATIONSHIP ISSUE: The two of you are of the shared mindset that bittersweet is way more complex and interesting.

THE RESOLUTION: Sophisticated chocolate.

THE EXPERT: Marie-Françoise Barnhart of Claudio Corallo Chocolates on Westlake Ave near Whole Foods.

THE GIFT: Laranja — go ahead and say it in Portuguese. It’s way sexier than just “orange.” Here, Corallo studs his 75 percent bar with bits of crystallized orange peel so that bright, tangy surprises hide inside bites of rich, nuanced chocolate.

Barnhart also points to the 73.5 percent with cacao nibs. It’s crunchy, nutty, and relatively sweet. The somewhat milkier chocolate gets boosted by “the bits of crushed cacao harvested from the same trees from which all his chocolate is made.” The overall flavor is creamy but the hits of dark, bittersweet complexity ought to suit your deeply enigmatic storyline quite nicely.

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