Love Is Complicated IX: Louis Vuitton

Zip it. This Stephan Sprouse stuff-keeper by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, that is.

By Laura Cassidy February 11, 2011

Give a gift that says, Don’t ever lose my love — or the stuff I give you.

THE RELATIONSHIP ISSUE: Stuff goes missing. Keys, debit cards, lip moisturizer. Gone. Your sig other has a bad habit of losing things and meanwhile you’re starting to lose your mind.

THE RESOLUTION: An investment piece that will never be misplaced.

THE EXPERT: Marc Jacobs. In my mind, he’s doing the Lord’s work by keeping the Stephen Sprouse stuff alive. Year after year, Jacobs, as the designer at Louis Vuitton, finds new ways to splatter Sprouse’s iconic, splashy art work all over bags and scarves and other stuff. Stuff that won’t go missing.

THE GIFT: New for spring, this adorable mini keep-all. Who could lose this? It’s available at the Seattle Louis Vuitton store. for a fraction of what the brown shoulder bags go for.

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