Virtual Reality: Clinks

These two sisters make a tasteful new take on Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moe.

By Malika Ritchie January 25, 2011


Quick word association: We say ‘drink accessory’ … do you say, ‘little pink unbrella?’

Sisters Leah Richardson Idler and Penny Richardson Yriondo say, ‘Clinks.’ For their Etsy shop, Clinks, the crafters use bottle caps to make sets of drink charms for your parties. Pass them out and ensure that Guest A isn’t drinking Guest B’s beer and vice-versa.

Might even give A and B something to talk about, too. The Oklahoma natives, who now live in Duvall and Ballard, have created lots of sets and themes since their launch, but the Seattle-y ones are favorites.

‘Those are among our most popular sets,’ they say. ‘The ones that celebrate local things like specific neighborhoods, city sights, ski areas, and Washington state destinations. Having such good beverages around here is inspiring. There are so many amazing local beers, wines and coffees. They all need a Clink on them.’

Check out the slideshow to find out more about Clinking when you’re drinking.

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