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DIY at SoDo Park

Tonight! Herban Feast’s SoDo Park unveils Herban Design Studio, where do-it-yourself wedding projects aren’t lonely endeavors.

By Laura Cassidy January 26, 2011


The do-it-yourself thing has never struck me as a particularly well-branded experience when it comes to weddings. It works for like, jilted songwriters recording sour ballads in their bedrooms, but for someone who’s about to celebrate the rest of his/her life with all the people he/she loves? The notion of spending late nights muttering to yourself as you solo through a ballroom full of table numbers just doesn’t quite jive. Which is probably why savvy vendors here and there are starting to offer do-it-together services.

Welcome Herban Design Studio at SoDo Park to that particular party.

Welcome them tonight, that is.

Sorry for the late notice (it’s my fault, not theirs), but you might not want to miss this. Tonight between 5 and 8 you’re invited to the First Ave S venue and catering company’s spring tasting event, where bites from the brand new 2011 menu will be offered inside a design studio that’s been concepted to give couples fun, inspiring, useful access to artisan guidance, vintage decor rentals, and full-service floral and event styling (in case your idea of rolling your sleeves up and getting to work means simply signing a check).

Why build a design studio inside an award-winning celebration space? Eliott Peacock, the company’s marketing brain, says, ‘Our clients inspired us to provide a space for them to create their event styling and help them tell their story. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sort of rebirth in people putting themselves into their event through doing their own styling and décor. We’re grateful and honored to be a part of it.’

The company witnessed one such example of personalized decor when Barb Whipple decked the joint out for her daughter’s wedding last summer. The experience led her to launch Plume Wedding Concepts, which in turn led Peacock to invite her to the studio tonight so that you could meet her and talk about your ideas and hers.

‘We want to nurture creative energy and we feel it’s important to provide a space that people can use. We’re excited to see what people do with it!’ says Peacock. I’m excited to see what you do with it, too. Stay tuned for updates and workshop dates; we’ll share what we know about designers and couples doing it together at Herban Design Studio.

Check the slideshow here for more information about the space and tonight’s event.

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