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Amazing: the Amazing Ring Race

What better way to deepen your love than to wallop the competition and claim a $15,000 treasure together

By Amanda LaPlante August 11, 2010

Ah, the closeness that comes during the engagement period … Picking out your first dance song, wine tasting for that perfect reception vintage, creaming other couples into the ground in a cut-throat, highly strategic, high-stakes, high-tech competition wherein a $15,000 ArtCarved diamond ring is the prize. Isn’t it romantic?

The Amazing Ring Race is a Seattle-wide treasure hunt brought to you by E.E. Robbins. On Saturday August 21, beginning at 11am, teams of two (similar challenges in the past have turned up more than 600 such teams, so, you’ll definitely want to bring your A game) travel via foot, bike, scooter, rollerblade, whatever it takes, using all of Seattle like it’s one big game board. Clues and location-based challenges are sent via text message; points are picked up when the challenges are successfully won. Something like a hometown version of that whole Amazing Race thing, but with a two-hour time frame, and a rock at the proverbial finish line.

The winner will be announced at after-parties at Twist and Ventana restaurants.

The catch is that you have to be chosen to haul booty all over town and sweat bullets as you decipher clues and race the clock. To score a piece of the action, submit your love story at; sources tell us that those who register prior to August 19th have better odds of being picked.

Oh, and because you know us, you can enter the code word SMET1132 and you’ll be lovingly placed in an exclusive pool of candidates with even higher odds. Lucky you.

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