Have you noticed them around town? Around the world? On your favorite style sites? Or maybe just in these pages? There was the fashionable frame-wearer in this piece about where to shop for eyeglasses, and there is Lisa Rowell, dispensing knowledge on her easy-going personal style and telling you where to get the best Gin Fiz — and the best new world frizz.

Rowell, the creative director at Sassoon Salon downtown, says it was last season’s Louis Vuitton and Prada looks that lit her Afro fire. If you missed those, they’re assembled here in a slideshow.

Now, before you get a chance to say it, I’ll mention it for you. There’s a certain hop, skip, and jump from those giant, ungainly runway ‘fros to our friend Lisa’s adorable but still very (let’s use an industry term) editorial ‘do. Stylish people always know how to interpret the seemingly unwearable. You might shake your head at Marc Jacobs’ LV looks and say “Never,” and you might even sigh at Rowell’s asymmetrically carved, tightly bundled locks and think, “Not that either,” but I bet that as we ride August and September out you’ll see more texture, more fuzz, and more frizz. Little bits of it here and there, and soft, subtle interpretations of the basic idea. And it won’t just be the heat, and it won’t just be our marine air.

If by fall you’re ready for something smooth and straight, what luck. Click through the slides here and get a sneak peek at Sassoon’s cool-to-cold weather collection. Rowell and her team were kind enough to share the images with us; they’re so brand new that you’re among the very first to see them.

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