Meet the Shopkeeper: Moksha

No vintage hats, but plenty of other good stuff on the Ave

By Kelly Robinson July 1, 2010

That’s not a possum, it’s a cat. Aleph Geddis of Moksha

Google searches reveal that the Sanskrit word “Moksha” is often used as a name for yoga studios, but on the Ave, the idea of freeing oneself from one’s love/hate relationship with samsara is applied to a room full of vintage finds, Boho dresses evoking high Thai style, locally designed accessories, tee-shirts for the skate park, and a couple of ten dollar bargain bins regarded by some as pots at the end of a rainbow. We’ll let this Moksha’s Aleph Geddis tell you more.

WWW: What’s your personal spin on the ubiquitous “How can I help you?” question?
Geddis: When someone walks into the shop, we greet them with a hello and a smile. If they seem more receptive to dialogue, we go on. You can read people’s needs by observing their body language and sometimes people want to be left alone to browse.

What’s your favorite thing in the store right now?
This season we received some really cute reworked, vintage dresses. I am excited about supporting the reuse of old items and bringing new life to them. Each dress is unique in print, pattern, and cut, making them one-of-a-kind rarities.

Where do you shop when you’re not at Moksha?
The Seattle Antiques Market on Western across from the Aquarium is enormous with myriad affordable antiques. I also like the shoe store, Five Doors Up and Lucky Vintage which are both located on the Ave.

What specific store or type of store do you think is missing in Seattle?
I would love to have a good vintage hat shop in Seattle. The only place I can find a good vintage hat seems to be in the Bay Area.

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened in your store?
There was a time when I returned from traveling only to be welcomed with the rumor of a possum in the store. Customers had been asking us if we had a new pet because they had seen a possum in the window after hours and I thought that there was no way this could be possible. So, I sat in the office and watched quietly. Sure enough, a cute little possum poked his nose out a like a little cartoon character.

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