Opening: Coming Soon

Local multidisciplinary visual artist Jesse Brown shows paper, light, and graphic summer scarves on Saturday night

By Laura Cassidy July 8, 2010


Where: Coming Soon

What: Paper sculptures and objects of wonder by local multidisciplinary visual artist Jesse Brown on display inside Fremont’s pint-sized open-concept hut. Set to music, also by Brown, the clean white pieces leave lots of open space for ideas about design, urban planning, cartography, textiles, and ancient alphabets (well, okay, that’s what we thought about when we saw them; you might think about anything, including a zenlike nothing at all).

To go with them: Hand-stamped summer scarves, a collaboration between Brown and Coming Soon owner (and fashion label Ampersand as Apostrophe creator) Jessica Park. These complete the promise of retail outlined in Park’s dream of a space that puts art, fashion, design, and commerce in the same room.

When: Saturday July 10 at 8. Opening affairs at Coming Soon are a good time; the block has lately become a gathering spot of arty, urban, architectural types who aren’t afraid to loosen up their advanced degrees and drink cheap beer. Don’t you love summer in Seattle?

Wear: Something crisp and white, but graphic at the same time.

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