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What’s Your Take On… Boudoir Photography?

It seems every bride-to-be is doing it, and everyone has an opinion about it

By Laura Cassidy July 28, 2010


Talk about a hot topic.

Especially among brides-to-be (and, one supposes, their grooms) there’s a growing … let’s call it a hunger … for boudoir photography, in which less is more, smiles are sexier than they are cheerful, poses are playful and provocative, and the whole idea is to conjur, well, more hunger. When it comes up in conversation, the yay’s and the nay’s easily separate into teams. There are those who claim to be ready, willing, and about ready to pose themselves (or see their loved ones do so), and those who just can’t wrap their head around it.

In the slideshow here, we hear – and more importantly see – from photographers at Old School Pin Ups, Photos by Sara, Persimmon Images, Tease Studios, Katrinka’s Secret, Jenny Goldberg-George, Belle Boudoir, Joey Nicole Photography, April Greer Studios, and Seattle Boudoir Photography.

These Seattle shooters, all of whom offer different styles of the certainly not-new art of boudoir photography, shared with us their experiences in dealing with apprehension – or, as is often the case, the absence of it – and with satisfied customers, and satisified partners-of-customers. (We asked, and even offered to keep the answers anonymous, but there seem to be no unsatisfied customers.) Of course, they share their images as well.

Take a look and tell us, what’s your take on boudoir photography?

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